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About BankNet

BankNet is the OCC's secure web site for communicating with and receiving information from national banks and federal savings associations. BankNet is only available to OCC-regulated banks and is not available to the public. As such, BankNet contains information that is not available elsewhere. The site contains features, tools, applications, services, and information that is useful to bankers and directors in meeting their regulatory information needs and regulatory responsibilities. BankNet delivers accurate, timely, and confidential data on a secure platform that ensures both information security and data integrity.

BankNet provides:

  • Money Laundering Risk System (MLR) - Submit your MLR report online.
  • OCC fillable forms - Find supervisory, licensing, and other forms in one convenient location.
  • Ask OCC - Ask questions to OCC's Senior Management in Washington DC.
  • Stress Test Tools - Tools for Agricultural loans, Acquisition & Development loans, Individual Commercial Real Estate loans, and the new Portfolio Commercial Real Estate Stress Test.
  • Large File Transfer Tool - Electronically send files of any size to the OCC, including your "Response to the Request Letter".
  • Regulatory Capital Estimation Tool - Estimate regulatory capital for your institution.
  • National Bank & Thrift Statistics - Composite ratings, Loss rates, Financial performance & more.
  • Matters Requiring Attention - Review the top matters found by examiners at national banks and thrifts.
  • Economics Information - Featured articles from our Economics Department of interest to bankers as well as recent economic and real estate market trends for the US and each of the four OCC districts.
  • Latest News - View all OCC Bulletins, Alerts, Advisory Letters, News Releases/Promotions, Speeches, Congressional Testimony, and Consumer Advisories.
  • To Comment On - Easily find all regulatory proposals open for comment & file your comments online.
  • Secure/encrypted email - A communication channel between your bank and the OCC.
  • Assessments - File your bank assessment information with the OCC online and use the Assessment calculator.
  • CAR - Analyze the financial performance of your bank and compare it with similar institutions.
  • Canary - View your institution in relation to others on key ratios related to Credit Risk, Interest Rate Risk, and Liquidity Risk.
  • CAGNet - Manage and process consumer complaints filed with the OCC relative to your bank online.
  • Director's Resource Center - View information of interest to directors, including education programs and workshops.
  • e-Corp (Licensing) - Submit certain corporate filings to the OCC's licensing department online.
  • e-Corp (Public Welfare Investments) - Submit filings for public welfare investments to the OCC's Community Affairs department online.
  • Laws & Regulations - Quickly look up any current law or regulation.
  • Enforcement Actions - View Enforcement Actions recently taken by the OCC.
  • Full calendar - Includes events not seen elsewhere since BankNet is a private site.
  • Annual Op Sub Report - File your annual operating subsidiary report online.
  • Exam Questionnaire - Provide feedback on your last OCC examination online.
  • Quarterly Summaries - Quickly scan executive summaries of all OCC Bulletins & major Comptroller's Speeches.
  • OCC Office Location Map - See all OCC offices across the nation.
  • OTS Archives - Access the OTS Archives.

For more information or for assistance, e-mail or call 1-800-641-5925.