About the OCC Charter

The OCC's Approach to Supervision

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) understands how important community banks and thrifts of all sizes are to their communities, and we are keenly aware of the issues confronting them. We believe that a combination of experienced and proactive supervision, local decision making, access to technical expertise and valuable resources, and frequent communication is the hallmark of effective bank supervision.

OCC Examiner Expertise

High-quality bank supervision is built on a foundation of well-trained examiners with broad perspective, supplemented by the expertise of specialists who provide additional insight on complex activities. The OCC has a cadre of highly trained, experienced examiners and managers. The average tenure of an OCC examiner is more than 14 years, and they follow a rigorous training, examination and certification program. It takes, on average, more than five years of direct examining and supervisory experience to earn a commission with the OCC. This credential is required for examiners to serve as an Examiner-in-Charge. Examiners report to local Assistant Deputy Comptrollers who average more than 25 years of regulatory experience.

Proactive Supervision and Communication

To facilitate strong communication and proactive supervision that contributes to a strong and healthy banking sector, examiners speak with bank management at least quarterly. Additionally, Assistant Deputy Comptrollers meet with the board of directors of each bank at the conclusion of every examination period or more frequently as needed.

OCC's Local Presence with a National Perspective

OCC supervision combines the perspective and resources of a nationwide agency with the expertise of highly trained examiners who provide a local presence in communities across the nation. OCC examiners generally live and work near the banks they supervise. In addition, examiners have access to the specialized knowledge of experts based in Washington, D.C., and around the country.

OCC's Experts and Professionals

The OCC has a wide variety of experts and professionals whose primary role is to support our examiners. While your main contact is the local examiner, he or she can easily access additional expertise for particularly complex or unique activities. You and your bank's examiner also can call on OCC expertise and resources to gain insight into the risks and rewards associated with new products or services. Throughout the country, the OCC has subject-matter lead experts, legal and licensing specialists, accounting professionals, and community affairs officers.

OCC Resources for Federal Charters

The OCC provides a host of valuable resources to federally chartered community banks and thrifts. In addition to our analytical tools and worksheets found on this very website, the OCC's seminars, workshops, and outreach activities play a significant role in helping banks achieve their goals.